Bullitt Cargo Bikes

We are proud to partner with Danish company Larry vs. Harry to bring you the Bullitt!

The Bullitt was designed to replace many of the functions of the car around the city, and is a great environmentally-friendly way of getting around even with passengers or luggage.


The Bullitt is lighter than many front loader cargo bikes on the market. The traditional diamond frame geometry makes the frame incredibly stiff, even under load. It is a performance cargo bike, and its available in nine different colours.

Available as a traditional manual push bike or with Shimano STEPS electric assist to help you handle large loads (and large hills!).

Phone us on 0141 328 0988 to chat more about the Bullitt and eBullitt or to organise a test ride. Every Bullitt we sell is specially ordered to your needs and specifications.

Energy Saving Trust Loan Scheme

We are happy to accept payments towards electric cargo bikes via the Energy Saving Trust eBike Loan Scheme. This allows an individual, family or business to borrow up to £6,000 interest free towards an electric cargo bike, funded by Transport Scotland (an agency of the Scottish Government). This loan is available to residents of Scotland only.

Visit http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland/grants-loans/ebike-loan for more details.

Green Commute Initiative

We accept the GCI bike to work scheme vouchers on all of our bikes (where possible), their scheme is the most fair to employees, employers and to us the bike shop! They have no upper limit on supplied bike value, if your employer is not currently registered with the GCI ask them to look into it, its very simple and quick to setup.

Visit https://www.greencommuteinitiative.uk/ for more details.

Manual Bullitt

The manual or regular Larry vs Harry Bullitt has been around for some years now and has evolved into what we think is the most adaptable front loading cargo bike on the market.

It can be specified with external derailleur gears (for low drag), internal gear hub (for low maintenance) or even single speed (if you are mad enough and don’t live on Gardner street). With an internal gear hub (Shimano Nexus 7 speed/Alfine 8 speed/Alfine 11 speed) and single speed options you can also specify Gates carbon belt drive (extremely low maintenance and no chain rub marks on the inside of your leg).

A package can be put together a number of ways, choose an off the shelf option from Larry vs Harry’s extensive online catalogue, specify a build kit and frame colour combination to suit your needs, or go for a full custom Bullitt with which ever components you desire.  You can even just order a frame and build your own!

Bullitt price list (updated Sept 2021)

Bullitt frame kit all colours (inc centre stand, headsets, fork and steering components) £1900

Bullitt Alfine 8 (IGH) £3300

Bullitt Alfine 11 Di2 (IGH) £3850

Bullitt Deore 20 (derailleur) £3250

Bullitt XT 12 (derailleur) £4250

tGlj07Igmanual bullitt.png


Electric assist eBullitt

The eBullitt brings everything from the last 15 years plus of Bullitt evolution, but now with the very highly regarded Shimano STEPs system incorporated seamlessly directly into the frame. All eBullitt use Shimano Di2 electronic shifting gear systems for speed and precision, and you’ll never need to adjust a gear cable again!

The e6100 and EP8 drive unit versions give a peak power rating of 250w (EU legal) and maximum assistance speed of 25 kph/ 16 mph and a realistic maximum battery range of 40-70 miles (load and gravity dependent!). You are free to pedal beyond this speed as the STEPs system has no mechanical drag on the rider when the motor is not assisting.

eBullitt STEPS e6100, can be specified with either the Shimano Di2 Nexus 5 speed internal gear hub, Shimano Di2 Alfine 8 speed internal gear hub, Shimano Di2 Alfine 11 speed internal gear hub or with the Shimano Di2 XT 11 speed derailleur gears depending on your needs. e6100 takes you further on the same battery, 45-85 miles range (gravity dependent!).

eBullitt STEPS e6100 + Shimano Nexus Di2 5 speed IGH + chain, £5800

eBullitt STEPS e6100 + Shimano Nexus Di2 5 speed IGH + Gates carbon belt drive, £6100

eBullitt STEPS e6100 + Shimano Alfine 8 speed IGH + chain, £6050

eBullitt STEPS e6100 + Shimano Alfine 8 speed speed IGH + Gates carbon belt drive, £6300

eBullitt STEPS e6100 + Shimano XT Di2 11 speed (external gears) + chain, £6100

The new eBullitt STEPS EP8 has been a long time coming, C-19 has affected global supply badly but we are looking to have new stock arriving winter 2021/22, get your interest in early!

eBullitt STEPS EP8 + Shimano Nexus Di2 5 speed IGH + chain, £ available from Winter 2021, £6550

eBullitt STEPS EP8 + Shimano Nexus Di2 5 speed IGH + Gates carbon belt drive, £6800

eBullitt STEPS EP8 + Shimano XT Di2 12 speed + chain, £7000


electric bullitt.png74x2TkDQ


Colour Choices

New colours for 2021 available now!


Larry vs. Harry offers a two-year warranty against manufacturing and material defects to the frame and components with the exception of parts subject to daily wear and tear, such as tires, tubes, and chain. Damage resulting from misuse, violence, and normal wear and tear is not covered.

During the warranty period Larry vs Harry will repair or, at its option, replace the defective part or parts. The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the Bullitt. Larry vs Harry is not responsible for the labor cost to replace any replacement part. Components carry their own warranty – consult us for details.