Events & Classes

Events Calendar:

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak we are suspending all types of events until further notice (as of Jan 2021). Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates.

We have a large list of interested persons for the courses, and at some point this year they will run! Its just a case of timing it right with our renovations to the workspace and with what is allowed within the Scottish tier system. 

Monday 6.30pm – Bike Maintenance Course (booking required)

Wednesday 8pm – Glasgow Bike Polo (check Facebook page for details)

Thursday 6:30pm – Women’s & Non-Binary Bike Maintenance 101 Class with Sylwia (booking required)

Saturday 8:30am – Social Ride (can be MTB, road, or canal ride, follow us on Instagram/Facebook for announcements). Social ride’s on hold for now (Oct/November/December), will post up when they are returning!

Sunday 1pm – Glasgow Bike Polo (check Facebook page for details)

Visit our Eventbrite page to book our upcoming classes:

 Click for Women’s only 101 class on Eventbrite

 Click for mixed 101 class on Eventbrite

Click for Intermediate class on Eventbrite

Upcoming course Dates:

If the Eventbrite link doesn’t work please call the shop to book during opening hours, we have a problem with the links just now. Thanks!

Bike Maintenance 101

This course helps you get to grips with the basics of bicycle mechanics. Useful both for novice mechanics with no previous experience and for those that need a bit of a refresher! Learn how to give your bike a thorough check-up, fix a puncture, index your gears and sharpen your brakes. The classes take place within a small group setting, so any and all questions are encouraged!

The course takes place over two 3 hour sessions, after which you will receive a certificate of completion. Block of two classes costs £60 (includes Bike Maintenance 101 workbook, tea, coffee and cake). Hive members and students get 20% discount on all classes. Gift vouchers available.

Intermediate Bike Maintenance Course

This course is designed as a follow-on from our Bike Maintenance 101 course, for those who already have a good grounding in the basics of bike maintenance, and who want to further their knowledge in bicycle repairs.

This class also takes place over two 3 hour sessions, after which you will receive a certificate of completion. Block of two classes costs £60 (includes workbook, tea, coffee and cake). If you complete Bike Maintenance 101 with ourselves, you get 20% of the Intermediate course! Gift vouchers available.

Specialist Maintenance Classes

We run a small number of specialist maintenance classes throughout the year on a variety of subject matters including disc brakes and wheel building. Follow our social media pages to get regular updates on events and classes.

One-on-One Tutoring

If you would like one-on-one tutoring or a bespoke session to help with a particular task (like setting up gears, bleeding brakes, fitting a bottom bracket) then please contact us on 0141 328 0988.