Our expert mechanic can assess and repair your bike for you, from changing a puncture to a complete rebuild. We offer three levels of bike service, or if you would prefer a bespoke service or repair just drop by and we would be happy to provide you with some advice and a quote. All our mechanic’s work comes with a three month warranty.

Try our Hub Tiger booking service. Most of our popular services and workshop tasks are on there and it will give you a booking in our busy diary. Usually our week runs from Thursday to Monday (5 days) with drop-off ideally on the Thursday or Friday between 10-12 or 4-6pm, we get started on our weeks tasks right away, but expect a regular turnaround of 5 days for your bike. Sometimes we will be faster than this, sometimes we will be longer than this, but generally so long as we have any parts required in stock and the job isn’t considerably bigger than what it was booked in for, the 5 days is OK.

It does not matter which ‘time slot’ you book the bike into during our working week of Thur to Mon, any that will allow you to book is OK, but then please note the above preferred drop off times of 10-12 pm and 4-6 pm Thur and Fri. This gives us the best chance to see the amount of work booked in, order up any parts required before the weekend so that we stand a chance of turning it around in a reasonable time frame.

If you need a bike to be done for a very specific time, please inform us in the booking form and tell us when you drop it off, we will where possible do this, however at peak times (Feb to Nov) we will always try and be as quick as we can, parts, staffing, diary allowing!



We keep a stock of new and used bike parts to help you keep your two wheels turning. These can be bought as part of a service or retail, many other useful parts kept in stock at all times:

  • Inner tubes
  • Tyres (road, MTB and commuter hybrid)
  • Chains and cassettes
  • Cables, high quality die drawn stainless steel inners and outer available per metre.
  • Water bottles
  • High security bike locks by Kryptonite and Abus
  • Brake pads for road, hybrid and disc brake systems
  • Tyre pumps by Blackburn
  • Mudguards from SKF and Tortec
  • Oils and lubricants such as GT85, Finish line and Shimano quality chain oils
  • Tyre patch repair kits from Park tool and REMA tip top
  • Lights by Kryptonite (USB rechargeable high powered LED)

Service Levels:

Please see the table below for comprehensive details of works included in each service (please note new prices are £45, £80 and £120 for standard, silver and platinum service respectively).

Standard Service – Inspection of all parts for wear. Tuning and adjustment of brakes and gears. Inflation of tyres to correct pressure.
Silver Service – Inspection of all parts for wear. Headset adjustment. Full drive-train clean in a Rozone Ozzy washer, refitted and adjustment. Frame and wheels cleaned to a high standard. Full brake adjustment and clean. Replacement and lubrication of any parts needed. Inspection of tyres and bottom bracket. Highlight and advise on any possible future problems. Includes trueing of both wheels, adjustment of hubs etc.

Platinum Service – Pro set up. Every part stripped, cleaned and checked with torque tools, greased, lubed and refitted. Any component that needs replaced will be replaced.



Price List:

Estimates are free! We will check your bike over to ensure its correct operation and your safety, we will advise if any works need carried out and give an estimate.

All prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%

Package services

Standard services* – £45

Silver Service* – £80

Platinum Service* – £120

Drivechain clean (strip from bike, ozzy wash, refit and tune drivechain only) – £25

Brake adjustment only (front & rear, rim caliper and hydraulic discs) – £25

Brake adjustment only (front & rear, mechanical disc brakes) – £25

Gear adjustment only (front & rear, mechanical systems) – £25

Gear adjustment only (Shimano Di2 systems) – £20

Common Repairs:

Puncture (inc labour and standard tube) – £14

Puncture (gear hub/coaster brake/trailer) – £16

Wheel true (QR/10/12/15/20mm hub) – £14

Rotor true – £7.50

Fit new tyre (no inner tube required) – £7.50

Other repairs:

Bike built from box, PDI to bike hive standards and packaging recycled – £35 to 50

Wheel build (per wheel) – £35

Fitting new headset – £15-30

Servicing an existing headset (strip, bearing replacement and refit/adjust) – £18

Fit new chain (inc quick tune up of gears) – £7.50

Cassette exchange (bare wheel) – £5

Cassette exchange (on bike, inc quick tune of gears) – £8

Bottom bracket replacement (BSA or any press fit) – £15 to £20

Hydraulic disc caliper service (inc bleed, not inc parts or fluid) – £25 to 30

Hydraulic disc brake fluid replacement/bleed – £15-25

Bar tape fitting (removal of old tape and remediation of adhesive residue) – £15

Fitting new tubular tyre (inc removal of adhesive residue, unless pre-stretched this is not a one day service) – £18

Hub service (loose ball, per hub, bearings not included) – £18

Hub service (sealed bearing, per hub, bearings not included) – £15

Crash damage/insurance assessment (inc written and email report and any phone calls with other party) – £30

Seized seatposts and quill stems (per hour, plus any costs incurred during works i.e. saw blades, chemicals) – from £35 

Rock-shox/Fox/Marzocchi etc hydraulic fork lowers service (cleaned, lowers removed, seals and bushs cleaned, lubricated with correct product and refitted) – £30

Rock-shox/Fox/Marzocchi etc hydraulic fork major service (inc above plus seal replacement, bush inspection and damper cartridge service) – £50



You must adhere to workshop rules at all times within the workshop. These are clearly displayed throughout Glasgow Bike Hive.

Shoes that protect your feet must be worn at all times in the workshop. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.