Glasgow Bike Hive is proud to be Glasgow’s only supplier of Benno E-Bikes!

A typical e-bike offers a nice ride, but not much utility. Benno believes what people really need is an everyday e-bike engineered with the perfect blend of ride dynamics, cargo capacity and good looks. Etility® Design is at the heart of every Benno ebike.

The Benno Boost, with Etility® Design, is up for anything and able to carry more than 3x the load of a typical bike. Flatten hills and shorten distances with the industry leading Bosch mid-drive electric motor and dual battery option, delivering unrivaled performance with up to 160 miles of range.

The eJoy, with Etility® Design, is so much more than cute. This is a seriously smart, seriously capable bike built around the industry leading Bosch mid-drive electric motor. The sturdy rack and available front trays and storage bags let you carry 2x more weight than the typical bike.

The RemiDemi® breaks all the rules of how a bike is supposed to look and ride. It has small wheels and fat, grippy tires for major maneuverability. A thick, sturdy frame with a convenient low step through. And an upright seating position atop a wide saddle that puts you in total control.

Benno e-bikes are available to test ride TODAY at Glasgow Bike Hive!